[Glorantha]What Arlaten said

From: Mike Dawson <mdawson_at_mac.com>
Date: Wed, 8 Dec 2004 08:43:54 -0500

Andrew Barton wrote and Peter Metcalfe replied.

>> In the RQ3 'Strangers in Prax' there's
>> a speech the wizard Arlaten gives if you offer him a Troll recruit to
>> his
>> guards, in which he refers to it as a 'Krjalk night demon'.
> Since the Trolls have their origins in Hell, Arlaten is correct.

While he may have been magicologically correct, beware the danger of trying to pry objective, factual info from dialog I wrote for any NPC, and especially Arlaten.

Arlaten was and is, in my view, highly prejudiced in typical Rokari fashion. I don't care for the "softening" attitude Arlaten is described as having in the newer Pavis books. I think he is a xenophobic westerner, and while on the nose in calling a troll a 'Krjalk night demon', he might well use the same term for a morokanth or a telmori.

Writers, beware the danger of having too-reasonable NPCs!

Mike Dawson

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