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From: Jane Williams <>
Date: Fri, 10 Dec 2004 19:20:02 -0000

> Personally, I like dragons, the non-human races (especially
> the Mostali and Dragonewts), and have a strong desire to
> unify magic/gods/ spirits/etc. in a monomyth cum Godlearner
> fashion.

Burn him!

> Does anyone have any tips on how do I go about
> hiding this attitude from my players, and instead, presenting
> Glorantha (or at least Satar and the beliefs of its
> inhabitants) in a suitably bigoted, xenophobic, and biased way?

Completely OTT role-playing has always been my preferred method (see comment above). Preferably presenting your NPCs in such a way that their beliefs obviously *are* "bigoted, xenophobic, and biased", and in an inconsistent way. It's more fun for you that way.

Try to remember that your NPCs (and PCs) only have partial and inaccurate information about anything. Work out in advance just what factual errors lie behind their prejudices, or where their personal view-point is leading them astray.

You'd better come up with some phrase with which to dismiss any arguments based on unfortunate facts or logical discrepancies, of course.

"It was good enough for our ancestors, so it's good enough for us."

"That's what Orlanth says."

"You been talking to them Poss?"

"That's what *Lunars* do." (spit)

"But everyone knows that..." (insert incorrect fact here) Examples?
All Lismelder have webbed feet.
(If you *are* Lismelder, then all the Marshedge clan have webbed feet. If you happen to be in the Marshedge clan, then it's the Reedmeld bloodline you want to watch out for.)
The Balkoth do - you know, *that* - with their goats. In fact, some of them are Broo.
The Kheldon have lost all their Movement magic. (It seems possible that the Lunars are actually gullible enough to believe this). The Volsaxi are so backward they still use chariots.

This may give the impression that most Sartarite prejudices are concerned with other Sartarite tribes and clans, and don't concern themselves with things further abroad. That's right. It would be nice to say that they unite when confronted with a common foe, but as we know, they don't. It makes a good excuse for beating up another clan, though.


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