RE: [Glorantha]GMs prejudices

From: Andrew Barton <>
Date: Sat, 11 Dec 2004 15:13:35 -0500

John Galloway:

> Personally, I like dragons, the non-human races (especially
> the Mostali and Dragonewts), and have a strong desire to
> unify magic/gods/ spirits/etc. in a monomyth cum Godlearner
> fashion.

> Does anyone have any tips on how do I go about
> hiding this attitude from my players, and instead, presenting
> Glorantha (or at least Satar and the beliefs of its
> inhabitants) in a suitably bigoted, xenophobic, and biased way?

Jane Williams:
> Completely OTT role-playing has always been my preferred method (see
> comment above).

That's how I'd do it. Another possibility might be to introduce an NPC w= ho
does reflect your desire for unity, have him spout some God-Learnerish theories which may even be fairly accuratye, then have him meet a suitabl= y
awful fate.


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