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From: Andrew Solovay <>
Date: Sat, 11 Dec 2004 17:02:50 -0800


John Galloway:


> Personally, I like dragons, the non-human races (especially
> the Mostali and Dragonewts), and have a strong desire to
> unify magic/gods/ spirits/etc. in a monomyth cum Godlearner
> fashion. Does anyone have any tips on how do I go about
> hiding this attitude from my players, and instead, presenting
> Glorantha (or at least Satar and the beliefs of its
> inhabitants) in a suitably bigoted, xenophobic, and biased way?

One thought--if your players are Sartarites, they've *lived through* the major myths (in religious rituals that take them to the God's World). They *know* that the Heortling prejudices are true, because they've lived through the stories that show just how evil, creepy, and treacherous the (Mostali/Aldryami/dragons/trolls/Dara Happans) are.

You can toss off occasional comments like "You know that Mostali never take prisoners--they cut the throats of everyone they defeat in battle. You've seen it happen." Sometimes you might choose to finish the sentence "You've seen it happen... when you enacted the 'Vinga avenges her nephew's murder by the dwarves' myth." (And if the character asks, "Just when did I see it happen?" be honest--"You saw it happen during the Sacred Time when you heroquested XYZ.") But don't *always* supply the details. Your players will end up confused about just what they saw in real life and what they were taught in the holy rituals--and that's just the way a good Heortling ought to be!

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