[Glorantha]Re: Gloranthan 'angels'

From: Andrew Barton <AndrewBarton_at_compuserve.com>
Date: Tue, 14 Dec 2004 02:32:25 -0500

Andrew Barton:
> Also, at least some mainstream
> Christians would say that fallen angels (and other kinds of demons if
> are such) are all created by God, because Hell cannot make anything new=
. =

> For one take on this see the 'Screwtape Letters' by CS Lewis.

Andrew Solovay:
> Yup--it's very well-established Christian doctrine that the devil =

> "doesn't make, he only mocks", as Frodo put it. But again, if someone =

> uses the term "angel" without qualification, he is almost never =

> referring to the *fallen* angels, which are invariably thus or similarl=
y =

> (e.g. as "rebel angels") or just called 'demons' or 'devils'.

Yes, but my point was that in mainstream Christian usage 'demons' never -originate- in the underworld.


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