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Greetings All!

I apologize for the late announcement, but we are happy and excited to announce that Men of the Sea has left the printer and is on its way to better hobby stores all across the world! As we speak, copies of the book are on their way to distributors in the US and around the world, and we are hopeful that the book will be in most stores before Christmas. But, we KNOW that Men of the Sea will hit Warehouse 23
(http://www.warehouse23.com/item.cgi?ISS1305) any day now. They are
accepting Pre-Orders, so if you hurry and order with them now you can still get Men of the Sea in time for Christmas.

Men of the Sea is by Martin Hawley and a host of other contributors, who have turned out some of the best material for HeroQuest yet. It includes eight new homelands that span the entire lozenge, from Fronela to the Maslo Sea, Umathela to Kralorela, and many lands in between. Also included are full rules for the many cults of Dormal the Mariner, a wonderful map of the Gloranthan oceans and seas by Phil Dexter, an overview of the world full of colorful details and adventure ideas, and a stunning cover by Boris Sirbey. Go to the Issaries web site
(http://www.HeroQuest-rpg.com/products/1305.html) for full details of the

We have received the submission for Heroes of Malkion, and Under the Red Moon (the second volume of Imperial Lunar Handbook) is also finally approaching a finished state. And we are expecting three more manuscripts in the next month or two. We will get more information to you as soon as our publication schedule for 2005 finalizes.

Cheers, and as always, thanks for your support.


Stephen Martin
P.O. Box 272914 Concord, CA 94527
Phone: (925) 680-8897
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