[Glorantha]Miniatures not designed for Glorantha.

From: Donald R. Oddy <donald_at_grove.demon.co.uk>
Date: Fri, 17 Dec 2004 20:44:14 GMT

Now I've got a FLGS nearby I keep rooting through their stock of Reaper Miniatures looking for figures that fit Glorantha. In addition to the generic villagers and barely dressed female warriors of various sorts there are some pretty useful ones.

No. 2418 in the Dark Heaven series - Mother Hilda As soon as I saw this I though Maran Gor. No pretty babe this, she's solidly built, dressed for fighting in a style that fits the Tashite imagery and carries a two handed axe. The miniature is 30mm from top of base to top of head.

No. 2835 in the Dark Heaven series - Jolie, female scribe At first sight this is a nice figure in medieval style dress but on closer inspection the fantasy medieval takes over. Long flowing sleeves are a bit impractical for a scribe and the skirt being split to the waist doesn't really fit with upper class medieval dress. 30mm from top of base to top of head. I really like the figure but I'm struggling to fit it properly into any part of Glorantha.

No. 2762 in the Dark Heaven series - Tuilin, female elf No, not a Gloranthan elf but a nice female figure suitable as priestess for various cults depending how she's painted. Again 30mm from top of base to top of head.

No. 14014 in the Warlord Series - Artemis the Huntress Makes a pretty good Vingan with two handed spear. Again the style of dress is suitable for a fighter especially as the legs under the rather short skirt can be painted as trousers. It's actually a boar spear but cutting off the guard would be easy enough. Only snag is the size, she's 32mm from top of base to top of head and the pose is not standing fully upright.

All the figures are nicely cast with minimal flash and no noticeable casting lines. In a few cases the packs don't protect the figures well enough from bending but that's easy to remedy in spite of it being a non-lead alloy.

Donald Oddy

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