Re: [Glorantha] Re: Glorantha Digest, Vol 11, Issue 30

From: John Machin <>
Date: Tue, 1 Mar 2005 10:24:37 +1100

Trotsky wrote:
> Doesn't it? Every other 'refined' metal has exactly the same effect in
> HQ that the 'enchanted' metal had in RQ, as far as I can tell (rule
> mechanics permitting, of course). Why assume iron is different? Other
> than to get round the retcon, I mean.

If all metals are inherently magical (much like everything else seems to be in Glorantha) is smelting and smithing not an inherently magical process? If this is correct then is it reasonable to see "Enchant [metal]" and think "Smelt/Refine/whatver [metal]"? Are their smiths that -don't- have appropriate magic?

(Yes,they let the n00b on the "big list" :))

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