[Glorantha] Re: Glorantha Digest, Vol 11, Issue 93

From: Robert Davis <lamorak33_at_yahoo.co.uk>
Date: Sat, 2 Apr 2005 08:54:36 +0100 (BST)

I wrote:

>Hmm. But practicaly it is an erroneous statement IMO. Over on the
>rules list I believe the consensus was that Animists are certainly
>potentially the most powerful, as from a rules perspective they have
>very few social restrictions and can create their own magic, with
>narrator approval.

Donald replied:

  1. Why are animists regarded as having few social restrictions?
  2. I've always thought of them as having considerable responsibilities to their society which will get in the way of gaining power for themselves.
  3. The other disadvantage is that most animists are going to struggle to get big community bonuses because the communities they are part of are generally small.

My reply.

  1. I was rather thinking of the time restrictions that are not so onerous when compared to, say, a devotee. And on from that a western priest/wizard.
  2. Animist cultures certainly have great requirement for their practitioners and shamans to act for the greater good. Praxians for example. Kolatings seem to be more free and in some respects act outside of normal Heortling society, unless I misread Kolatings.
  3. Animists don't go in for the mass community support magic do they? Even when raising founders or big spirits like Oakfed they work in conjunction with other SHamans, not their whole communities. Of course I stand to be corrected.



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