[Glorantha] Various Questions About the West

From: Ian Cunningham <cappadocius_at_gmail.com>
Date: Tue, 29 Mar 2005 12:46:35 -0700

Hello all! Long-time lurker, first time (I think?) poster!

I'm thinking about starting a Heroquest game this summer, based out of the Castle Coast. Which is notoriously under-detailed, even for the West.
So, since I've not had good luck finding the HeroWars Glorantha book, and can't afford E-bay prices for the RuneQuest stuff, I thought I'd tap the collective grognard-y knowledge of the list.

  1. Are there still Hsunchen in Sehsnela? I've read the Issaries page on the Hsunchen, but I'm not entirely clear if there are still Basmoli hsunchen in the region - are there even /lions/ still in Seshnela?
  2. What are your thoughts on krjalki saints? I know it'd be completely unthinkable in Rokari Seshnela, but the old-style Hrestoli on the Castle Coast seem a lot like the type to never throw away a Saint. The Christian legend of Saint Christopher Cynecephalos is serving as the basis of a Troll Saint in my Glorantha - connections to Stygian Heresies and Arkat will be made, of course.
  3. Do we ever find out WHY the Luathans destroyed old Seshnela? I've got my own game-related theory, but I was wondering if I'd be contradicting any established in game reasoning.
  4. And moving south, but staying in the West - the Timinits of Jrustela? The online sources I've been able to find aren't clear as to their intelligence level. Are they low-but-still-human intelligence, clever ape level, or normal intelligence and just very primitive? If a ship's crew were crazy enough to take, say, a Spider Timinit on board - would it be more mentally suited to being a ship's mascot, or a cabin boy?


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