[Glorantha] Otherworlds and power-levels

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> Animism gives quick access to some useful power, but the power level is
> capped pretty soon. I started thinking about this since broo and scoprion
> men seem to be compleatly animistic these days, and this makes their magic
> pretty weak. The Dark Gods just aren't that scary anymore.
> (What's he talking about?)
> What I mean is that the spirits awailable from most practises seem to have
> a power range around 10 - 10w1. There's not much the animist can do about
> that, is there? 10w is quite useful, but it's not really earth-shattering
> heroic magic, now is it.
> Then again, all animists have at least some spirits at their disposal.

1.Remember that a practioner adds a fetish spirits ability rating to either his advantage points or his own ability rating when it is released. That's a much better bonus than a normal augment.

2.I believe that Roderick once said that the listed spirits are just the common ones, and that rarer ones could be more powerful.

3.Chaotics probably don't have to follow the normal rule for excluding the other magic types when they concentrate. They're chaotic, after all:)

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