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> Myth is a poetic, metaphorical and often partial pointer to reality.
> [Repeat as necessary]

John, good show.

> | Who was Humakt's mum?
> You'd have to ask him. Be polite.

An instead of telling - Humakt might show you.

> fills the void in this area of Glorantha and provides fun for all :-)

My favorite speck in Sons of Kargzant is BiDulph's Mound, a grave to a Carmanian warlord whose campaigns against the Char were so bloody and violent that the Char-Un were greatly impressed.

Char-Un killed the BiDulph hero of course, but they buried him big. Which gets us to back to the death, killing and gone-y of Vadrus:

> Another possible suspect is the EWF who also stilled Orlanth
> for a while. The only reason why he hasn't been brought back
> is that everybody knows Vadrus was such a bastard, why bother?

So there is a 'Dragon's Strike Back'! (A fabled left out part to the Chapter Two: Before Time Began, from Introduction to the Hero Wars; all waltzing to the dark themes of 'EWFmpire Strikes Back' after 'The New Dragonhunts' and before 'The Return of Orlanth' ;)

Seriously. Peter raises a considerable speculation. At least, and once again, the attitude about Vadrus is IMHO right on the spot.

'The Dragons Had A Grudge' seems more feasible motive than the 'God Learners Wanted The Power Of Wakboth'. Even though the latter motive might be more credible to a modern gloranthan, since Dragons can *not* be understood and God Learners are blamed for some soulless blasphemies.

There is more to Vadrus than is evident in the Old World.

"There is nothing like desire for preventing the thing one   says from bearing any resemblance to what one has in mind." - Marcel Proust, Rememberance of Things Past -

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