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>:There should be a section on this in Heroes of Malkion. In the meantime,
>:the Esvulari are not a bad model. Certainly, they are (mostly)
>:wizards/sorcerers rather than theists.
>Roger. It will at least fit better with my preliminary plans and ideas. Do
>you think these deities are worshipped as saints, or as lesser gods?
They're venerated, rather than worshipped in the theist manner. However, whether what we're actually talking about is misapplied worship of theist deities in the Esvulari manner, or proper veneration of beings that happen to look a bit like Yelm to them ignorant barbarians is another matter. One shouldn't necessarily read too much into the Esvulari analogy, its just something to use until better information comes along. At any rate, whichever they are, I'm pretty sure than Janubians do not think of the things they're venerating as 'lesser gods' - they aren't pagans!

>think either way they are seen as subservient to Makan the Creator.
Yes. Well, either that, or they think Yelm *is* Makan the Creator, in the sort of way that Jesus and God the Father are the same entity.

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