RE: [Glorantha] Yinkin, Schroedinger's Cat-God ?

From: Jane Williams <>
Date: Fri, 26 Aug 2005 07:14:31 +0100

> But the myth in KoS describes Yinkin as "murdered" (p87). So the
> simplest way to reconcile the two is that Yinkin was killed after
> thawing Orlanth. But that doesn't seem to deal with the idea that
> Yinkin survived.

Where was the reference that had him surviving? Could it be ambiguous?

> While the idea of Yinkin sneaking ahead out of the Underworld is good
> (typical cat !), perhaps another way is to go with something like the
> old "nine lives" idea.

The nine lives are already in his cult writeup (p190), and rely on him being saved by an Umbroli, representing Orlanth. Tricky at this point, I think. Not impossible, but tricky.

> Or just maybe the idea in the title is one of the Divine Secrets of
> Glorantha :-)

Don't look in the box!

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