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Peter Metcalfe wrote:

>> As narrator, I have decided to introduce some East Isles
>> mythology and history by stating the city of Neelampur was once a vassal
>> city of the Golden Empire of Mokato, which made it fabulously wealthy
>> and exotic, until the tragic Closing.
> An interesting choice given that the God Learners ran Teshnos during
> the Imperial Age. But there's no problem if Neelampur is an enclave like
> Goa, Hong Kong or Gibraltar.

Yep, I do know that Teshnos suffered under the cruel yoke of the God-Learners, and the Neelampuri pride themselves for being able to "resist" their influence, albiet with the aid of their Vithelan cousins. Goa and Cochin are kind of what I had in mind for Neelampur city. During the 2nd Age (which the players may eventually visit in Past Live flashbacks further on in the campaign), the province of Neelampur was a hotbed of intrigue between the Golden Empire of Mokato and the God Learners, and several of the modern day landmarks date from that era. The vast ruined temple city of Mahesomahpuram (think Angkor Wat) and Ratnashap, the Accursed City of Ashes, are both casualities of that conflict.

> Sekever's God is the Black Sun whose cult was described in
> Troll Gods.

I see Sekever is described as the Son of the Black Sun/Blood Sun/Zerel Fan. Are there any details given about his ancestry? Was he originally a human, a demigod, or a god? He is defeated several times by several Emperors (Shavaya, Thalzurni, Vayobi and Vashanti) and seems to get progressively more vile, eventually becoming an Anti-Dragon.

Sekever warred against Teshnos, until Chal instructed King Bulthushasam to sacrifice to the God Somash - the Sun appeared and "bit off Sekevers face". I don't think this is start of Solara Tempora for the Teshnans, as the other fiery forms - Solf, Calyz, and Furalor - I think are similarly revealed to the Teshnans. (Unless those fiery forms are revealed within Time...) I presume that like in Kralori myth, Sekever is likely to return.

> The one thing the Huan To would not do would be
> to have anything to do with Thanatari magics. That's
> because the Black Sun fought a famous battle in
> the waste lands against Tien in what is now the
> dreaded city of Than Ulbar in the Tunnelled Hills.

Ooh interesting. Where would one find any more information on this? Thanatari are showing up in my Lunar campaign, and are the source of much fear and delight.

> I think Tongs are an organization peculiar to the Kralori. The
> Sekeverans of Teshnos will probably have a different organization
> based on the local cultural background background.

The Sekeverans in Neelampur will have some connections to Tongs in Kralorela - Neelampur is very close (1-2 days sail) from the port of Lur Nop in Wanzow. Plus I want to give my Teshnan Heroes a reason to use the "Suspicious of Kralori" personality trait. :)

> The Teshnan Sekeverans would be likely to believe that Sekever
> represents the Sixth Flame of Teshnos (thus paralleling Basko's
> claim to be the Sixth Solar Ruler of Ignorance). While the Kralori
> Sekeverans will commit crimes with the aim of breaking down the
> confining paradigm of draconic morality, the Teshnans will be
> seeking to turn their life-flame black through various concoctions,
> sacrifices and rituals.

Ooh, that's a tasty idea, and will fit well numerologically when the Lunar Missionaries show up. ("Sedenya is the Seventh Fiery Form..")

> One martial art technique would be "Conquering the Great Arrow". This
> would be a myth of when Herespur and Sekever entered the Heavens.
> Using it would defend the martial artist against arrows or arrow-magic.
> A weakness in Sekeveran arts would be fire magic.

That works beautifully - the Teshnan Evening Caste Princess who is leading the motley group of Heroes is a follower of Vai Madar Sa, so it'll be a nasty suprise for her!

Thanks for your feedback - now I've got a bunch of things to write up before Wednesday's session.

"Aum Shanti Shanti Shantih."

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