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Joerg talks about brass being good for sound: Hm, I still think that
it is more fitting if it has something to do with the role of the
brassers, which seemingly includes heat to a great degree, but to
each his own. Brass may be copper (earth) plus gold (sky) as well,
making it somewhat Lodrilic (I _like_ the "metals are the bones of
the gods" theory - my only excuse for continuing it).

BTW, when I speak much about dwarves, it is not only because of a
sudden impulse without connection to any Gloranthan gaming, like most
of my babble. The character of my oldest campaign think they are
dwarf-friends - they really are dwarf-tools, its just that they have
not realized it and probably never will.

A new heresy of Dwarfdom: Eroticists. They believe that dwarves
should train with the mortar and pestle to reach perfection with it,
just as they train other parts of their body and mind in their spare
time. In that way, the protodwarf modules will be of a higher
quality. To prepare them for this training, they have official

lessons with special Gold Caste members. (Remember the Monty Python
sketch where John Cleese is the teacher giving his class a very
practical lecture on sex, remaining an strict, matter-of fact
stiff-upper lip teacher all the time?) Of course, they do not have
access to the Clay Vessel except when children are wanted by the
Powers That Be. The dwarves of Pavis may be Eroticists - I do not

A nifty dwarven trick: Openhandists have noticed too many times that
humans can use their "gifts" in a not-good-for-the-Machine way. To
stop this there is of course always gremlins, goblins and the new T2
jolanti model, but Silver Dwarves have developed a simple way of
dealing with this. It is an enchantment which enables any dwarf who
knows the bar code runes of the specific item to grab it with a
Teleport with enough Range (to put in Gamespeak). The same mark can
be used to scan the target with advanced clairsentience technique or
to contact him telepathically, or simply to determine were he is.

Re: Harrek
I always tend to think of "super-heroes" as just that - using the
word in the Marvel Comics' sense. I view much of their magic as very
non-ritualistic, which does not mean it is unconscious - The Human
Torch's flame is a part of him and requires no ritual to use, but it
can be used cleverly and in designated way. Just like gods, really,
to use a more Gloranthan analogy. (Hmm. I will bother you all with an
anecdote. A player in one of my RQ campaigns rang me this weekend and begged
me to start up my ancient Marvel Superheroes' campaign again - he
had found the campaign notes and suffered from hypernostalgia. "I'd
rather GM RQ" I said. "But couldn't we do BOTH? Wouldn't that be good
HeroQuest rules - we could have a campaign in the Storm Age?" he
answered. No need to worry - it was a joke. But one day I will punish
them all and take it seriously....)

Finally: Anyone has any notes on Valind besides Gods of Glorantha and
Wyrm's Footprints (very little in any of them, though you CAN glean
things from GoG)? Joerg, you had done stuff on the Ygg Islanders?
Certainly you had some ideas on Ygg's daddy? This is also material
needed for the campaign. Any ideas on Kalikos Icebreaker would also
be encouraged.

Erik Sieurin, the Guy Who Dares Bycycling At Night


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