Mostali Councils

From: Eric Rowe (rowe@CSUA.Berkeley.EDU)
Date: Wed 29 Nov 1995 - 07:48:34 EET

Our Mostali-loving comrade Erik (note he is no true Mostali, for he
misspells his own name) mentions...

>Nick Brooke, you have also read the Protocols of the Elders of Nida?
>(The Nine Elders, remember that) Did you also get your copy from this
>nice elf with a Movement rune on his right arm?

This got me thinking about the Decamony and Mostali governing councils.
We know the Nidan council (decamony) seats 9, but little else. Here are
my thoughts on the leadership and councils of the Mostali.

Slon - The oldest surviving Mostali government body, the ruling council
here seats ten, hence the name given to ruling councils throughout the
rest of the Mostali lands. Each of the 8 first metals are represented
as well as the ninth, Iron. The tenth is the 'best of the rest', voted
on by the council of 9 metals to be their chairmostali. The leader may
be from any metal. (of course, the Elevenths are always striving for
a seat of their own too)

Nida - The Nidan factory has been through many tough times, often worker
units from Slon and other factories had to be sent as replacements. The
Nidan council was originally modelled on the Slon council, but with
all the new units factionalization and metal favoritism became rampant.

The council voted the tenth to be an empty seat, and thus it has remained.
It is therefore still a Decamony, but with only 9 elders.

Gemborg - Led by noted heretic Martaler the Blazing Forge, this factory
still has a fairly standard Decamony. All the 9 metals are represented,
but the tenth is always Martaler. However, as Martaler prefers to spend
his time in the metalworks, the council of 9 effectively controls all
the daily activity of Gemborg.

Dwarf Mine - Isidilian the Wise, the paragon of openhandedness, prefers
the 'hands on' approach and doesn't bother with a council.

Greatway - Another factory of great age and history. This is also
governed by a true Decamony. Each of the nine metals is represented, but
the tenth is not 'the best of the rest'. Instead, the tenth must be
an outsider, usually a visiting clay mostali. In past centuries
Isidilian has had the seat, as have members of other races (usually
only in times of great trouble).

Diamond Mountain - A hole full of Octomonists. Of course, they have a
council of 8, ruled by one representative from each of the 8 true metals.

Kingdom of War - Despite their newness, they also have a true Decamony, but
with a twist. Eight of the places are of the best Iron generals, the ninth
comes from one of the other base metals. One of each is chosen and they
fight to the death to determine which metal gets the seat. The tenth is
the greatest Iron general, and he is entitled Lord Death on a Horse, the
human translation of 'An Iron Mostali in a Tank'.



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