Phil's Problems

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Date: Thu 01 Feb 1996 - 02:05:13 EET

Sandy writes:

> Since all Praxians speak the same language, taught by Waha, there
> would appear to be little need for Sign Language

Maybe this is meant to be a system of silent hunters' or raiders' signs ("you
take the one on the left"), not an alternative to spoken Praxian.

Poor Philippe Krait has a few problems.

> First I would like to say that I did not hear Greg's speech so, unless
> someone summarize it here, I will not take arguments from that source.

There were none: I never alluded to or relied on any. My argument is
self-generated and self-contained. But never mind: believe what you want, if it
makes you happier.

> It was very pleasant to re-read all the citations you collected in your
> vain try to deform the only truth there is: the Red Moon and the Lunar
> Empire are no more.

I agree completely. But the White Moon and the Lunar Way are triumphant! It's
ignorant barbarians like you who permitted Argrath to (literally) get away with
murder and create the Lunar Cosmos of the Fourth Age. I'm glad you are able to
read the citations, at least; would thinking about them be too much work?

> If [the Red Goddess] was as integrated as Kajabor in Arachne Solara's
> net, she will be exactly as powerless.

Kajabor is not in Arachne Solara's net. His chaotic, entropic essence entered
Arachne Solara's womb, and fathered Time upon her (at her instigation). Time is
almost universally acknowledged as the omnipotent, ruling deity throughout the
Ages of History. You call that "powerless"? Read the sources, mate.

> As for the explanation of the integration, did you read my posts about
> the nature of chaos (Wakboth) and entropy (Kajabor)?

I must have missed them. Were they at all interesting, or were they just some
more tosh about the Second Law of Thermodynamics?

>> So the Orlanthi defeat Chaos by making an entropic god into the omni-
>> potent ruling deity of the Cosmos, eh?

> Where did you get to this conclusion? Kajabor was never transformed
> into time.

I never got to your conclusion. Kajabor is the Father of Time; Time is thus (by
reason of paternity) an entropic god. I recall a old source mentioning Time as
"the synthesis of Entropy and Existence," a reference which you may not have
noticed or understood.

> Time was born as the sole agent capable of controlling entropy, by
> spreading it over the cosmos.

If we accept this, in my parallel, "spreading Lunarism over the cosmos" is not a
victory for Lunarism? This is a most remarkable form of logic you have resorted
to, M. Krait.

> What? The Lunars planned it? Why did they fight like cornered rats to
> prevent it, then?

Sez who? Their enemies?? The leaders of the Lunar Empire knew that it would
inevitably be transcended by the triumph of the Lunar Way; it was therefore
their duty to resist to the utmost any movement which attempted to sweep away
the Empire -- because, when the time was right, it would be impossible for them
to resist the *inevitable* change, even with their best efforts.

Put it another way: if you think the Messiah will come again, do you believe the
first person to say that it's him, or do you demand extreme proofs before
accepting him? Safer, surely, to err on the side of caution.

And nobody said it would be easy to save the world. You wanted an effortless
Lunar triumph? Your dead gods deserved you.

> The Dragons executed it: yes, but remember that, for them, time runs
> backwards.

That old chestnut again? Please remember, nobody in Glorantha understands what
the Dragons (or Dragonewts) are doing, or why they are doing it, by definition.
Any theory based on "what the Dragons are trying to do" is ipso facto wrong.
This one included.

> How can you say that the Lunar way survives? Saying it that way is
> truly misinformation.

Poor benighted Orlanthi. Can't get over the fact that his gods have gone, while
Our Goddess is still out there (albeit invisible). Never mind...

> As for the Goddess going through her "divine liberating style", she was
> liberated. But what about all the beings who followed her Red Stage and
> were therefore damned to Hell? Were they liberated? I think not...

Mere frothing propaganda. I will not dignify it with an answer.

>> "So they say. But it's still here! And now it's invisible instead!"

> This sounds to me only as the pathetic rambling of someone who has lost
> everything and who desperetly tries to retain a grip on the past.

You mean you identify with it? ;-)

It sounds to me like bona fide evidence from the Fourth Age. The author of the
Northern Colophon believed the Moon had survived Argrath; Zin believed the Moon
survived Argrath. But our Philippe doesn't. Ho hum: I know who I'd rather



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