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From: Peter Metcalfe (P.Metcalfe@student.canterbury.ac.nz)
Date: Thu 01 Feb 1996 - 04:32:22 EET

Joerg Baumgartner:

>> Since Arkat was a fanatic, I assume that Safelster had become
>> Malkionized when Ralios was cleansed of the deceiver.

>Hmm. Ok, Borin was on the man path of Arkat, so some cultural impact
>is likely. I am doubtful about the flash conversion, though - when I
>proposed a conversion of the Heortland Aeolians in a generation, I was

hmm? But the Aeolians didn't use the sword to convert people :-).
I'm having in mind the Reconquesta (sp?) of Spain for the conversion
of Safelster although at a much faster and bloodier rate.

>> After Arkat left, the history becomes very murky. Ralios or Safelster
>> (at least) seems to have unified and sent an army against Seshnela.

>During the relief from the Gbaji Wars? Don't make the same mistake as
>Mike Dawson did in his otherwise nice article on Henotheists in Tales 13:
>Goraint, Valastar and Mabodinarne conquered Seshnela at the end of the
>2nd Age, and if they had indeed been companions of Arkat, they must have
>been called back after the God Learners fell. Why them, and not Arkat

I'm sorry? I don't believe Goraint etc. to have been companions of Arkat
(sorry Mike). To me they are more like God Learner Satraps who changed
their spots when Seshnela was conquered. Their pillaging of Tanisor looks
like a Successor Struggle rather than Righteous Vengeance. Later Tanisor
Sources play up the Ralios versus Seshnela Card.

Back to the Gbaji Wars: There is an army that did invade Seshnela from
Ralios (Arkat the Deciever PoV). The Seshnegi at least claim that such
an army was lead by the sons of Arkat.

>> A Dara Happan Army led by Emperor Anirestyu then issued forth from
>> Kartolin and ravaged much of Ralios (there is a Ralian frieze of him
>> besieging Kasda which is near modern-day Delela).

>So the Dara Happans had workng experience in fighting knights along with
>rabble even before the Carmanians developed?

Perhaps. I suspect the Dara Happans were using Chaos or Krjalki allies
by this stage so they weren't overly disadvantaged.

>> When Arkat returns to set up the Dark Empire, he sees the Borists as
>> little more than 'Consorters with Chaos'. So he stomps on it hard and
>> the Borists have been an underground faith ever since.

>Then does Arkat reunite all of Ralios?

Presumably so. Or at least Safelster and Corolaland.

[The People of Borin]

>> Vustria also encompasses the eastern wilds

>Does it? Right now I'd rather bet on the upper Tanier valley, north of
>Valantia. The battle at Zebrawood took place halfway between modern
>Lankst and Karia.

What do you think the Eastern Wilds People (who have been there before
the Dawn) are? The Vustrians were friends with the Hsunchen.

>Hrelar Amali was the worship site for the rather impersonal deity
>identified as Flamal in God Learner influenced sources. The human
>cult for this deity seems more like one of the infamous earth king
>cults found elsewhere (Genert, Pamalt).

How does one get an impersonal diety from a fertility diety? Flamal
is Tammuz Gloranthan-Style IMO. Hrelar Amali was important because
he _died_ there. The ground is made holy because of the (repeated?)
divine blood of his divine blood.

>> I suspect the Dari Kingdom revered the Gods but was 'less close' to them
>> than the Kerofini, believing them to be expressions of the One God
>> [Insert Ralian Remote Sky God Name here].

>Why the (remote) sky god? Any remote god might do... I still propose
>Flamal First Life as a good candidate for the distant One Divine Source
>of life and all creation.

But remoteness is more of a characteristic of sky gods than an orgiastic
fertility diety. (Sky as in generally heavenward gods - like Stormy Zeus).
Mind you the RRSG could easily be Xentha, come to think of it.

>> before the Sunstop.

>What did the Seshnegi do at that time? The Akemites were busy standing
>off an evil heathen god (the White Bear? Arinsor?), according to Cults
>of Terror, but about southwestern Genertela nothing is said.

And neither is anything said about the Kingdom of Ignorance, Teshnos,
Brithos, Jrustela etc etc.

- --Peter Metcalfe


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