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Date: Thu 01 Feb 1996 - 05:33:13 EET

>Is just Brian being dense again... but where is it written that Gimgim is
>undoubtably a Krarsht follower? Is it definitive, suspected, or just
>common knowledge? My bet is it's probably a TOTRM thing... drat!


_Big Rubble_, episodes book, "The Devil's Playground", p52. It is not
known at all. Maybe suspected by the clever and knowledgable, but any
more than that. Unless the stuff in the adventure gets found, then Gimgim
gets to take a trip. Exactly where and how depends on how the governor
feels when he finds out. Might be to just outside the walls (a short but
painful one way trip), or it might be back to the Heartland.



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