Lunar Way

From: Aden Steinke (
Date: Thu 01 Feb 1996 - 07:35:07 EET

Hi All

Nick Brooke <> says

:Poor Philippe Krait has a few problems.
:> First I would like to say that I did not hear Greg's speech so, unless
:> someone summarize it here, I will not take arguments from that source.

Ah, but it is all now so clear..... those who believe the vile Orlanthi
propoganda scroll KOS to record the end of the glorious Lunar Way have now
been soundly Gregged!!!! And it was all so logical!

I was so inspired by both Gregs speach and the stuff about superior Lunar hero
questing technology in the hero quest talk that I failed to ask in the lore
auction the question on everyones lips, when is Trollmal (a hitherto forgotton
aspect of Yelmalio, from his mispent youth when he went on a camping holiday
with Kygor Litor) going to appear in the Uz pantheon :-))))).

All Hail the White Moon

rambling even more incoherrently than usual....


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