Lunar Way's final triumph

From: Barbara Braun (
Date: Thu 01 Feb 1996 - 13:53:06 EET

G'day this is Andrew emailing,

The one thought that occurred to me today is that the average inhabitant
of the Lunar Empire would have found the entire time of Argrath's saga
after the release of Sheng as the worse possible existence they could

live. Just think, the Heartlands would go from 150 years of peace into
total horror (courtesy of nomads and then Dragons).

The Lunar Way might have triumphed but the average joe/jill would see it
as an abysmal loss.

Cheers, Andrew
PS I really liked the thought of Argrath being the 3rd age incarnation of
Shargash brought on by the DH priests doing their best. Those priests are
some sick puppies.


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