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G'day all,

Home of the Bold Roll of Honour

"Home of the Bold" players at the recent RQ Con Down Under! We ask you to
relive your escapades in a character write-up!

These will be collected together and published in Questlines II, along
with Dave and Kev's account of "What Happened Next?".

Accounts can be as long or as brief as you wish; typical accounts from
previous HotB's have been 500-1000 words. Accounts are usually
narratives, memoirs or diary accounts written in hand of the
character (eg. "From the Journal of Elspeth Halfbarrow", "Temertain
Remembers"), but can also be written any way you like: court
transcripts, an overheard conversation, extracts from a scholar's
treatise, hell even iambic hexameter poetry! Your accounts do not
necessarily have to be from point of the character you played and
they can also be self-serving, biased, even downright scurrilous!

Please send your accounts to me, MOB, at "mobtotrm@vaxc.cc.monash.edu.au".
If you can, please send by e-mail , or on disk (Mac or
PC is fine). I would like to have all accounts back by Friday
12TH April.

All accounts will be published in Questlines II, and all contributors
will receive a free copy! Furthermore, as an incentive to get writing,
all accounts received by Friday 12th April will go into the draw for
a magnificent Reachiong Moon Megacorp prize pack consisting

* one of the rare gold lunar coins (only 12 minted!)
* Nephilim badge
* A copy of all the HotB characters, including backgrounds, secrets,

[Please note that while I'm 95% certain this list is correct, a couple of
quick character assignments were necessary on the day to fill absentees,
which should be accounted for here]

Antonio Smallheap, Apprentice Jeweller Boldhome Ken Bluett
Constable Pugh, Constable/Vampire! Boldhome Paul Heinz
Denis Quailfoot, Master Thief Boldhome Andrew Davis
Dimi Hardhide, Leatherworker Boldhome Chris Carrigan
Elspeth Halfbarrow, Earth Priestess Boldhome Cathy Hutchinson
Honest Gordon, Bookie Boldhome Don Healey
Ingie Thickfist, Street Tough Boldhome Tina Monk
JD Brightstone, Jeweller Boldhome David Wanless
Malana Goodnight, Healer Boldhome Elise Bowditch
Morak Moran, Crime Boss Boldhome Justin Ackkerman
Nerissa Bracegirdle, Juliana's Maid Boldhome Simone Gibbs
Norpin Hopcherry, Stonemason Boldhome Matthew Byrne
Old Herb, Criminal Mastermind Boldhome Ian Borchardt
Oleas Quipp, Weaponmasters' Guild Boldhome Andrew Bailey
Pliny Dropgoode, Cub Reporter Boldhome Alistair Langsford
Portin Dunbar, Herald Boldhome Greg Stafford
Previous Horserider, Barkeep Geos Boldhome Phil Green
Spensor Marksson, Issaries High Priest Boldhome David Cake
Tatius Bracegirdle, Cub Reporter Boldhome Michael. McCormack
Toleander Planter, "Financier" Boldhome David Dunham
Tolstoy Arrowroot, Stonemason Unionist Boldhome Thomas Hobday
Alvar Stormsson, King of Amad Far Point Jim Laurie
Egrid the Enlightened, Thane to Harvar Far Point Wayde Bloomfield
Harvar Ironfist, Prince of Far Point Far Point Phil Anderson
Torvald Rolfsson, King of Dinacoli Far Point Adam Betteridge
Clem Beastwood, Bounty Hunter Foreigner Karl Gorman
Nimkin Fastcard, Arms Dealer, Racketeer Foreigner Michael Newton
Sir Tutophet Ixthanin, Trader Foreigner Jeffrey Cheah*
Thufir Twosword, Humakti Sword Foreigner Matthew Foster
Asquai Stormpetrel, Military Attache Grazer Pierre Proske
Berta Featherpenny, Trade Attache Grazer Barbara Braun
Subatei of the Silken Tongue, Grazer Ambassidor Grazer Robert McArthur
Tayang of the Glowing Lake, Grazeland Delegate Grazer Steven Crabb
Yesugai Kuckuk, Cultural Attache Grazer Mark Holsworth
Alcapata Honorius, Tax Collector Lunar Barbara Hoover
Aleham Ratsbane, Lunar Lieutenant Lunar Andrew Bean
Constable Dibble, Constable Lunar DeWitt Davis
Count Leonidas, Chief Magistrate Lunar Tim Leask
Count Stolwitz, Cavalry Lieutenant Lunar Neil Robinson
Estal Donge, Prince's consort Lunar Avril Jean
Flavius Ginnicus, Gin Salesman Lunar Matt Card
Gordius Silverus, Lunar Governor Lunar Dennis Hoover
Halthippus, Guardian of Flame Altar Lunar Matthew Korrin
Hulius Hinglesias, Lunar Censor Lunar Dougal Edmonson
Jubba the Hood, Chief of Intelligence Lunar Trevor Ackerley
Juliana Silverus, daughter of Gordius Lunar Paula [ ? ]
Laertes Sciplilies, ADC to Lergius Lunar Aden Steinke
Lemidus the Scribe, Gordius's Aide Lunar Liam Routt
Lergius Cassius, General Lunar Michael Hitchins
Magnyrd the Black, Spy Lunar Brian Pinch
Ontorius Threadneedle, Clerk of Court Lunar David Clarke
Ormond Sacker-Sig, Court Advocate Lunar Sean Foster
Publicus the Punctilious, Gordius's Aide Lunar Saravan Peacock
Servizi Interbankeri, elected Mayor Lunar Rick Meints
Sigillius Doyne, Etyries High Priest Lunar Bill McKinley
Terpitia Bosky, Etyries Merchant/Con Lunar Pam Carlson
Tiberius Augustus, Sergeant-at-Arms Lunar Dave Boleyn
Wertor Orindori, Tarsh Ambassidor Lunar Peter Loft
Paravor Sureseat, Poljoni horse trader Poljoni Simon Lewis
Justin Blundar, Bison Trader Praxian James Whitehead
Ozymandius Sharphorn, Bison Trader Praxian Wolfgang Brodesser
Alfgar Goodspear, Chieftain of Locaem Sartar Martin King
Blackmor the Peaceable, King of Colymar Sartar Kornelis Sitzma
Corwen Kallaison, Escaped Colymar heir Sartar Michael Pianta
Edruf Strongbreath, King of Malani Sartar Anthony Utano
Goram Whitefang, Prince's Telmori Bodyguard Sartar Robert Darvill
Hemrid the Ox, King of Balmyr Sartar Mal Harrison
Ivar Quickstep, King of Cinsina Sartar Paul Aebersold
Montague Goodcandle, Librarian Sartar Hugh McVicker
Ranulf Grimblade, King of Culbrea Sartar Paul Bronson
Romne Sharpsword, Housecarl of Vamastal Sartar Peter Roussel
Sarostip Cold-eye, Humakti Sword Sartar Antti Roppola
Skalfi Blackbrow, King of Lismelder Sartar Martin Dick
Tamera Threeslice, Vingan Warrior-woman Sartar Marion Anderson
Temertain the Fool, Prince Sartar Nick Brooke
Tonaling Hardblow, King of Enstalos Sartar Scott Thompson
Vamastal Greyskin, King of Sambari Sartar Graeme Prowse
Yrsa Nightbeam, Queen of Torkani Sartar Philippa Hughes
Arkator Longspear, Sun Dome Templar Sun Dome J Paul Hunter
Groblop Grinlips, Troll Merchant Troll Peter Tracy
Atticus the Travelled, Wintertop Exile Wintertop Morgan Lean
*received character write-up already: thanks!!




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