How come the West became One?

From: Erik Sieurin (
Date: Thu 01 Feb 1996 - 17:41:04 EET

Joerg Baumgartner:
> The Rokari system isn't that different. Chivalry and nobility overlap, and
> any advance from peasant caste is through military service as a sergeant.
At the Risk of sounding as an Old Whiner: oh, how glorious the days
when the Rokari didn't allow any caste mobility, and people "was
born, lived and died within the same caste", and when that was simply
the epitome of the general faith of the Malkioni and similar types.
That made the Hrestoli Way a stunningly different (not "better", mind
you, just different) type of religion. Nowadays anyone can move outta
their caste, except the peasants of course.
I furthermore strongly suppose this is not because this is More In
Line With The Teachings of St Greg, or More Fun, or More Logical, but
because everyone wants the West to be as similar to Western Europe
Late Middle Ages as possible, for some unfathomable reason (with that

I don _not_ mean standard ho hum pseudo-medieval Hollywood chivalry,
mind you). Everyone knows that in that time there was a practical
caste society , though not a strict one, and thus the Great Caste
Crusher Conspiracy tries to change things.

By the way, could anyone tell me why the poor Westerners are the ony
culture who never get the benefit of the doubt? The weird blasphemy
of the Lunar's obscene empire, the bickering Theyalan barbarians, the
slave-empire of Dara Happa, even the man-eating Uz monstrosities,
 everyone is romaticised :"well, they keep
slaves, but they are SOOO well treated", "well, they have a lot of
blood feuds all the time, but they are SOOO Noble and
While the Poor Westerners All Are Bastards, Their Faith A Sham, Their
Society A Disgrace.
Is this because we universally despise that period of European
history it is inspired by, and that religion which dominated then?
Where are the apologists of idealistic Loskalm, pragmatic and pious
Sehsnela, the chivalrous Castle Coast, the wise Brithni, the
mystically insightful Stygians?

Where, I ask you, where?

Erik the Why-king


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