Dialog between us budding novelists

From: Frank & Stacie Giles (fsgiles@pixi.com)
Date: Thu 01 Feb 1996 - 19:29:54 EET

In #348 Martin Laurie makes genteel response to my perhaps ill-mannered but
not ill-intended attempt to rub out Deville:

>You're right, they do look like a Thed gang. This is for a couple of reasons:

Very reasonable

>Magenta turban?!!!?! Yuk! Actually Deville doesn't wear headgear cos of a geas
from Tarnils about no head armour, which he adheres to rigidly.

Sorry, didn't know that, but still, the turban conveys the image succunctly.

>Onslaughts humour is based on killing people in humorous ways, little else.
Hrothmir doesn't have a sense of humour, he has a sense of hunger. Besides they
don't get on.

Sorry again, I began writing this some time ago (Those pesky real-life
career- kids-spouse-car payment type issues put a real crimp in my ability
to get the important things done!) and didn't know they hated each other
until your last post.

>I really liked this piece and think it a good example of how to nobble someone
like Deville. I have a couple of questions though:

(1). How do you cloak the _reek_ of raw chaos void in Pavis? Every Uroxi for
miles must smell it? I don't believe detection balnk would stop that!

(2). The Sixth Leg would by rights have a high POW, or she's carrying a
fair few
enchanted objects. Without a detection blank on those otems, Deville would
notice her POW via his permanently running mystic vision spell. He would be
alerted, assuming he even saw her once. How would she cover against that?

First, thanks. To your questions:
(1) The chaos void is sealed inside an enchanted iron Kasht tooth which
totally isolates it. Any "leakage" would be very dangerous. I figure that
the chaos-sensitive could tell the tooth was chaotic if they were very close
to it.

(2) This is an excellent point. The Sixth Leg operates by not drawing
attention to herself and high POW people are always attention getters. They
even stand out to non-superheroes. Since I don't believe in piling too many
disgusting heroic chaos powers onto one baddie unless provoked, I conclude
that the Sixth Leg operates with a relatively low POW - 15 at most. She
relies on long running defensive spells cast by her cult-mates to protect
her against spell attack and her powerful Karshtide ally (who stays a
distance away) to bail her out of spirit combat. Like wise, when she's on an
attack run she carries the enchanted tooth inside a dwarven-made metal-cloth
envelope to attenuate its spirit plane appearance and goes without any other
enchantments. This does leave her vulnerable to magical attack, but she
lives and dies by her ability to go unnoticed, and advance preparattion of
suitible escape routes.

Frank Giles


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