Curley Logic

From: Nick Brooke (
Date: Thu 01 Feb 1996 - 20:49:06 EET

"Brian K. Curley (Master of Time & Space)" writes:

> OK... since the linch pin of this Red Goddess is still there nonsense
> (sorry Nick) is the last line (hastily scrawled) in Argrath's saga
> (Nothern Version), we should point out that this "proof' is not present
> in the Southern version. I think it's all wishing on a dead moon...

Was that the lynch-pin for you? How odd: I'd have said it was the analysis of
the utuma ceremony, myself.

Without the Northern Colophon, we would still have Zin's Lunar Thinkers to point
us in the right direction; indeed, they tell us more than the scrawl does, and
are speaking nearer in time to the fall of the Red Moon.

The Southerners don't know as many Lunar Secrets, and never have done: is it
surprising that the 'blessed words of Lunar Truth' (to quote the bard) appear
only in the Northern text of AAS? The Southerners probably do think it's all
"wishing on a dead moon", poor ignorant saps that they are. But we Northerners
know the truth.

(I hope I'm not misinterpreting your slightly garbled post).



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