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>1) The Borists are a secretive Cathar-like sect. Instead of a
>complete caste system, they have only worshipers and priests, and
>most pretend to be members of the Galvosti or Rokari sects

Ingo Tschinke
>I think they believe in castes
        I do not. I think that they _once_ believed in castes, way
back when they were able to openly worship, but that after centuries
of secrecy, they have discarded such frippery.
        I _do_ believe that there are certain sub-organizations
within the Borist sect -- not castes exactly, but more like
societies. One of these societies are the Pure -- who claim to have
the Illumination of Light. Another are the Knights of Boris, who
prepare for the final battle against Gbaji. But they're not Knights
in the classic Malkioni sense, and they're not born into their job.

>In my description of the Borist church they have founded a
knightly order in >the time of the Gbaji wars.
        Exactly my point. That was over a thousand years ago. How
many Germanic social structures and conventions survive from circa
850 A.D.? The Yule log? And Germany has suffered less cultural
upheaval and destruction than Ralios (yes, I know Germany's suffered
a lot -- Ralios is even worse).

>I think the Boristi will have only some people which will live as
Rokari and >Galvosti in the "real world". Most peasant will not have
more than one faith >they believe in.
        You underestimate the wit of peasants. They're just as
smart as the ruling caste, and throughout history there have been
cases of peasants keeping secret religions alive. The best-known
case might be the Japanese secret Christians, who went underground
in the late 17th century when the sect was banned, to resurface to
everyone's surprise (even Western observers) after the Meiji
Restoration. There are other such groups too.
        Remember, out in the countryside, normally an entire
village is Borist, but will pretend otherwise when visitors or
officials come by. In urban areas, the Borists are more thinly
spread, but they are at every stratum of society.

>the boristi will mobilize their whole power because the prophecies
say the >devil (Arkat) will return in time
        The Borist prophecies, IMO, speak of the return of "Gbaji",
not Arkat. When the various Arkats come for the Hero Wars, I
predict they'll recognize one of them as the "true" Arkat, and call
the others Gbaji. Or they'll see all of them as Gbaji.

>They got the secret of illumination from Arkat
        They know _about_ illumination, but I don't think very many
of them are illuminated at all. In particular, their celebration of
the Illumination of Light, and their Pure Ones, who have been
through their Illumination ritual, would not be considered truly
illuminated by a Lunar citizen. This is not to say that they don't
have a few "true" illuminants within their sect, but they are rare
and probably not particularly convert-oriented.


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