Re: Eurmal and the Great Compromise

From: Sandy Petersen (
Date: Fri 02 Feb 1996 - 01:40:21 EET

Eurmal and the other Trickster aspects are completely bound by the
Compromise. The problem is that, for _them_ to properly fulfill
their role under the Compromise, they have to break it. So breaking
said Compromise, for them, _isn't_ breaking it, if you see what I

>Orlanthi Wind Lords have the habit of flying [to Kartolin Pass],
shouting >challenges to chaos, then leaving when nothing answers
right away.
        I bet they hate it when something _does_ answer. Note by
the way that the wilderness just west of Kartolin, in that little
pocket between the mountains, is known to be visited by overflow
from Dorastor. It's not exactly a chaos nest like Snakepipe Hollow,
but there are certainly more than the average level of bad things
going on here.

>Anybody know what happened when David Dunham and David Cake met up
>at the Con? David Cake has not been heard off since and David
>Dunham has been avoiding people. I find this _very_ suspicious ;-)

>Since I'm the owner of the David rune (note my greater stature), nothing
>serious happened to me.
        Presumably you simply absorbed the lesser David, no doubt
infinitesmally altering yourself. Soon we expect you to start
producing TotRM out of Washington.



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