David switching

From: David Cake (davidc@cyllene.uwa.edu.au)
Date: Fri 02 Feb 1996 - 06:17:57 EET

>Peter Metcalfe wondered
>>On the subject of God Learner Switches:
>>Anybody know what happened when David Dunham and David Cake met up
>>at the Con? David Cake has not been heard off since and David
>>Dunham has been avoiding people. I find this _very_ suspicious ;-)
>Since I'm the owner of the David rune (note my greater stature), nothing
>serious happened to me.

        I, on the other hand, am suffering the urge to cast off RQ in favour
of Pendragon mechanics, and I keep having the feeling that my hair is trying
to migrate to the lower half of my head.

        a David


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