RQ-Con Down Under Report

From: David Dunham (dunham@pensee.com)
Date: Fri 02 Feb 1996 - 10:00:17 EET

I had a great time at RQ-Con Down Under. It was very different being on a
different side in Home of the Bold. The organizers twisted my arm into not
only giving a seminar on PenDragon Pass (which was surprisingly
well-attended), but running the game I'd promised to run once, twice. Alas,
the Aussies didn't seem to get into being Bemuri quite as much as the
Seattleites (there was no chanting of "Da Bull!"), much to my surprise.
Still, I think they had fun being introduced to the Lightbringer
missionaries. I got to play in a MOB bottlecap game, where my peasant
accomplished her hopeless wish. Despite what MOB said earlier, however, at
several events we were reduced to sitting in trollkin-sized chairs. And
speaking of trollkin, Trollball was fun to watch (I much appreciated the
cheer: "Give me a T! Give me an R! Give me an O! Give me an L! Give me an
L! What's that spell?" In unison came the reply: "I don't know!").

My wife Elise also enjoyed Home of the Bold, but both of us swore not to
eat another meat pie for the rest of our trip (Andrew, the canteen was
actually very fine, despite the untimely loss of the snakes).

Here are some random notes from other sessions:

* Worship is a heroquest known even to the Malkioni
* The Jrusteli were monotheists and were trying to systematize the cosmos
* The Lunars are trying to remake deities (often from humans)
* Geases are like giving up some free will to act like your god
* A heroquest can't change history
* Illumination is not free will (which gods don't have) -- Yelm was the
first Illuminate. Illumination is the achievement of the impossible. An
illuminate might be able to swap personality traits (given a Pendragon-like
* The forthcoming card game Mythos might be a model for a Heroquest game.

Cultural Exchange
* In Greg's campaign, using the Chaos Feature spell won't turn you into a broo.
* Goats are in part considered Chaos because of how they destroy the
vegetation [much of the Mediterranean was deforested by goats] -- and
because Ragnaglar was a goat god.
* The Triolini are like nomadic pirates.

Lunar Tunes
* Before I was driven from the room by the music, there was discussion of
the Yanafal Tarnils gifts/geases Never Eat, Never Drink, Never Sleep.

Lore Auction
* Elmal lost his fire powers to Zorak Zoran.
* Not all "Galanini" in Ralios were horse hsunchen.
* Orlanthi initiation is to the pantheon, not a single god.

Greg read a bit about Harmast, illustrating the personal suffering caused
by Lokamayadon.

Greg's address detailed the story of the Red Goddess before Time, as she
passed through different stages. When the Seven Mothers brought her back to
life, they were surprised at the results. She came riding on the Crimson
Bat -- the bat symbolizes death to Dara Happans.

Sandy wrote of the Great David Switch (which occurred at the con):

> Presumably you simply absorbed the lesser David, no doubt
>infinitesmally altering yourself. Soon we expect you to start
>producing TotRM out of Washington.

See, it must have worked. David Cake is taking on my attributes, and nobody
even remembers the other one.

Sadly, Sandy was unable to attend, but it was great actually meeting many
of the south-of-the-equator names from the Digest (and many others who
don't post). Thanks to MOB for the parties, and to Andrew Bean for the
crash space. Everyone was friendly, and we'd do it again in a flash.

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