From: Andrew Joelson (joelsona@cpdmfg.cig.mot.com)
Date: Fri 02 Feb 1996 - 16:25:35 EET

Erik the Why-king asks:

> By the way, could anyone tell me why the poor Westerners are the ony
> culture who never get the benefit of the doubt? The weird blasphemy
> of the Lunar's obscene empire, the bickering Theyalan barbarians, the
> slave-empire of Dara Happa, even the man-eating Uz monstrosities,
> everyone is romaticised :"well, they keep slaves, but they are SOOO
> well treated", "well, they have a lot of blood feuds all the time, but
> they are SOOO Noble and Freedom-loving".
> While the Poor Westerners All Are Bastards, Their Faith A Sham, Their
> Society A Disgrace.

        It's because the Westerners are all hypocrits. They go on and
on about an Invisible God, who can't be seen/touched/sensed in any way,
and doesn't acknowledge or communicate with his followers, and doesn't
intervene. Then they start talking about Divine Intervention, and co-
opting other people's gods as saints; St Orlanth, St Humath, etc.
        I qoute your entirely correct statement; "Their Faith is a Sham".

Peter Metcalf:

> The Dragons did not waste Peloria but pulled the Moon Apart. Argrath
> is explicitly said to have avoided battle. ....

        Is this why Argrath wiped out Kalikos Ice-Breaker & buried
Peloria under eight feet of snow? After decades (generations?) of minimal
snowfall, the Pelorians cannot have been ready for this, and must have
suffered dreadfull losses. Sort of like using a nuetron bomb so that you
don't have to send in the marines....


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