re: Issaries and Lankoring

Date: Fri 02 Feb 1996 - 16:56:54 EET

Welcome back David!

I need a bit more time to consider and construct my response
to your Trickster comments. But my thoughts about Issaries
and Lankoring are clearer and shorter, so...

I completely agree on the spell names!
"Eloquence" and "Fluency" it is! :-)

And maybe another spell is Truetongue, which is similar to
Truespeak except all who hear the speaker also know he or she
is telling the truth.

Truetongue/2 points/Self, Temporal, Nonstackable, Reuseable
 This spell requires the caster to speak only the truth
during the spell's duration, and everybody who hears the caster
speak knows that the truth is being said. This spell may be
stacked with the spells Eloquence and/or Fluency.

But, just because moots are "speaking events" does not
necessarily make them the province of Issaries. Or is Issaries
the god of ALL "speaking events," including poetry recitals,
educational lectures, and verbal seductions? I see Create
Market as an outgrowth of the Merchant's "protector of goods"
aspect, as are the spells Lock and Passage. In what way is
protecting a "speaking event" part of being a good messenger?
I don't think it is; I think the messengers job is to deliver the
message and speak on his or her chieftain's behalf.

The question becomes then, what kind of a speaking event is a
moot in East Ralios? I contend that they are similar to a dFil
(Senate) at an aonach (Tribal Festival), in that it is when the
Arbiters gather to discuss the need for new laws for the tribe,
as well as to hear the BIG legal disputes. Thus, I believe that
it is Lankoring, as God of Arbiters, who provides Create Moot
(or Create Senate or whatever).



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