Why the Lunar Way really can't be exterminated

From: Carl Fink (carlf@panix.com)
Date: Sat 03 Feb 1996 - 04:28:54 EET

I think people are missing Nick Brooke's subtle humor. Surely you
recognize his style of argument, when he claims that Argrath really
serves Lunar interests, sacrificing the Moon to advance the way?

It's the typical self-sealing blather of a religious fanatic
confronted with contrary facts. Nick's doing a *wonderful* impression
of a very real human reaction.

There have been plenty of real-world religions led by prophets, for
instance. One famous one predicted the end of the world in 1916.
When it didn't end, she changed it to 1918, then later in 1918, then
finally *claimed the world had ended*, but nobody had noticed.

She still has lots of followers.

If you look closely at Nick's arguments, they fall into the "loony
religious crazy" zone. After the Moon's fall, the "Lunar Way" is said
to still survive. However, you'll notice that he never defines what
"The Lunar Way" means, exactly. Sure, if you don't actually have to
show actual Lunar cultists, or magic, or effects, then it's really
hard to disprove. That's like saying "there is an invisible unicorn
standing in front of you."

Brilliant parody, Nick.


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