From: David Hall (100116.2616@compuserve.com)
Date: Sun 04 Feb 1996 - 21:26:36 EET

I think it's David Dunham that writes:
>Sandy wrote of the Great David Switch (which occurred at the con):

>See, it must have worked. David Cake is taking on my attributes, and nobody
>even remembers the other one.

Who is that? TELL ME! WHO? WHO? I must know.. must concentrate... think hard...
try to remember... try... try...

MOB then writes tantalisingly of HotB:
>These will be collected together and published in Questlines II, along
>with Dave and Kev's account of "What Happened Next?".

Dammit all! Who? Who? Who is Dave? WHICH ONE!!! WHICH ONE!!!?


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