Re: the Saint Problem

Date: Thu 01 Feb 1996 - 00:52:58 EET

In Glorantha Digest V2 #348, the other I.G. writes:

>The most conservative factions of the Malkioni would, IMO, reject the
>of saints outright. I'll need some help from other Gloranthan scholars to
>identify which sects this might be, or perhaps this extreme viewpoint is
>extinct having been unable to compete with more accessible and more
>blessed factions.

This attitude (and the less hard-line and moderate viewpoints Ian also
discusses) are not, IMHO, the hallmarks of distinct _sects_, but rather of
distinct factions or movements within sects. Some day in the future, if
Malkionism is still recognizable after the end of the 3d Age, these movements
may develop into sects. As the history piece I posted relates (did you not
get this, Ian? not read it? not like it very much?), an early Rokari
Ecclesiarch managed to ban a few saints and purge the rites of some others.
 The other variable in the equation--this is Malkionism, after all, not
Xianity--is the caste system. Some people believe that you should purge the
upper classes of dependence on saints, but that it's OK and really not too
noteworthy for peasants to worship saints. After all, they're further from
Solace and need all the help they can get. At worst, veneration of saints
is, for peasants, like prostitution or gambling, a small vice.

>Saint Hrestol would offer the blessing of Martyrdom. If invoked this
>blessing allows the recipient to endure any pain, torture, terror, or other
>stress without straying from the true faith in the IG. Usually invoked by
>those facing martyrdom for their beliefs. Saint Hrestol bolsters their faith
>so that they can achieve Solace.

This is very similar to Saint Avlor's blessing, which I sent to Sandy when he
requested other saints. How's that project going, Sandy? Is it for posting
to the daily or being saved for some more exalted forum?

- --Martin


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