The evil ways of Squids

Date: Thu 01 Feb 1996 - 18:13:28 EET

Peter Metcalfe:
>>[Borist Knightly Order]
>While there can be such an order within the Borist Church, most >Borists
have no reason to acknowlege the _authority_ of such a order >IMO. On the
other hand, if a Knight were to approach a Borist Wizard >and ask for help
in assasinating a hated Noble who engages in >persecution, the Wizard may
gleefully assist.

I think you have got the idea what I would like to say. The knightly order
of the boristi church was a very old remain of the time of the Gbaji wars.
In this time it makes sense to have a big group of knights which fought
together the same enemy. I would also like to say that the boristi church
was much more widespread in these day as today. As you have mentioned the
boristi have made a big goal to evangelize the people of Ralios as they have
showed them they can free them of their sins by shriving them. But today you
will only find a few remains in some city states around the safelster region.
We have both agreed into the fact the boristi are today eroded and corrupted
by chaos and illumination. IMO they promise other things to their new
converted worshipers as they have done this in the past. The Safelster
region is based upon a feudalistic structure without any kind of centralized
power (i.e. a king). Every lord or man of the nobility can come to power if
they strong enough to do this. This is mostly a very egoistical task. There
will the boristi can promise help to every lord or knight if they will
convert to the boristi faith. The boristi will free them of their sins and
go further on to be the bad guys in the country. My conclusion of this
thought is that the knights of the boristi order will have no kind of
authority in the boristi church or somewhere else, it is mostly a mask for
your own egoistical goals. As a lord you will have the magical support of a
boristi wizard and you are always free of sins. There is no other church
which will promise this to you.
The goals of knighthood are mostly not compatible with the goals of the
church. See for example the tournements in the medivial ages. The church
said you must avoid the seven mortal sins, but on the tournements you will
be lead into temptation of these mortal sins. As a knight you want to gain
fame, money, land and a title. Because this temptation brings you away from
the faith to the church the popes in 11th and 12th century have forbidden
all kinds of tournements (from Innozenz II. in 1130 to Clemens V. 1316).
Nobody cares about this ban. I think in the safelster region this is mostly
the same. For a knight who is more egoistic it will be good to believe into
the boristi faith because he will be shriven.

>The Borist Church is fragmented and unified only by the Rites of
>St. Borist and the comradeship that one shares with a fellow Borist.
>There is no hierarchy of Hidden Masters of the Church of Borin
>like that of the Bavarian Illuminanti. There are hidden Temples
>based in or near every major city which command the loyalty of
>surrounding Borists but there is no set organization beyond that.
>Thus the Head of the Tiskos Borists have no authority over the
>Sentanos Borists. There can be a few pan-Ralios Borist
>Organizations, the Guild of Chaos Monks are possibly one and
>Knights are another but they carry no special authority among the
>rank-and-file Borists IMO.

That is absoluty IMO. There will be no kind of archbishop of any kind in the
boristi church. So they will have a lot other other doctrines in the
different countrys of Safelster.

>Apart from their Chaos Nests, Borists are damn
>difficult to detect...

I think you are right with your opinion the squids are masquerade as pious
rokari or galvosti priest. There must be very evil guys if you would imagine
that they must always lie and disguise themself, this will corrupt them much
more than chaos ever can to this to them.

Ingo Tschinke
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