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This is a list of Glrantha-the Game style personality traits fot the
Carmanian culture. A bit of general rudeness would be much appreciated.


Fear indicates that the character gets others to do what he wants by
intimidation and cruelty. It also means that the character admires
tyrranical leaders and considers fair dealing as a sign of weakness.
OTOH Respect indicates that the character sets out to win the esteem of
their inferiors. They repay good treatment with loyalty but respond to
terror tactics with resentment.

Truthful is nothing to do with lying (which is Worldly/Pious.) Rather a
truthful character is aware of their faults and strengths. They delegate when
there is another better qualified than they are. They are unmoved by
flattery or the criticism of others but have no illusions about themselves.
By contrast a deceitful character is easily swayed and indecisive. They
hide from their short-comings and do not exploit their talents fully as
they lack self-confidence.
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Andrew Behan


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