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Mikko wrote

>In my version of glorantha books, Uleria is placed as a god for both Orlath
>And Yelm pantheon. However I have understood Yelmians to be very
conservative >about sex for example. So my opinion about this is that either
that is not the >case OR the God Learners are playing with gods AGAIN. Well
that wouldn't be >anything new would it.
        The Yelmites do indeed seem to acknowledge Uleria, but they think of
her as a bad goddess, a villain. Not as awful as chaos or darkness, but more
pervasive and harder to get rid off.
        The Glorious Reascent of Yelm has her listed in the good deities of
Light of the top row, but specifically mentions that she (along with
Umatuam) is a vile infiltrator who doesn't belong there.
        The Entekosiad (brand new strangeness from Greg, available in this
edition to RQ Con DU attendees) is about pre-Solar, Darsenite, and Pelandan
mythology (basically pre-Solar Peloria) and mentions Uleria several times,
in generally a positive light. Uleria is also one of the High Gods (ruling
gods council?). It also gives her name, initially, as UlEria, with the odd
capitalisation typical of the names given, suggesting it is really two
words, meaning 'Desire for Life'. This would suggest that the Uleria cult
originated in this region, at least by that name?
        My interpretation is that the Pelorians revere Uleria and have for a
very long time. The Dara Happans know of the cult, and are forced to
acknowledge it, but the uptight sensibilities of the Yelmites and
Dayzatarians, etc. make them see the cult as morally iniquitous. It is thus
a well known religion, but considered scandalous for noble men to worship,
while beloved of the lower orders and excitable teenagers of a romantic
temperament. I am sure many Yelmites publically decry the cult, and look
back privately with guilty pleasure to the time they enjoyed the cult rites
incognito as a teenager (having been taken out for some fun by their more
daring cousin). And conversely, many peasant Lodril worshippers boast at the
pub about the fun they had during the last Uleria rites.


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