This Lunar Debate

From: Brian K. Curley (Master of Time & Space) (
Date: Mon 05 Feb 1996 - 09:28:29 EET

OK... I re-read Nick's treatise on how the Red Moon is still there and
the Lunars really won at the end of Argrath's Saga. He cites the ritual
of the utuma, but neglects to notice that the ritual is "voluntary" and
involves *self*-dismemberment. Now claiming that the Red Goddess
"voluntarily" allowed the ritual to take place is like arguing that I
volunteer to let a thief take my wallet when he has a gun to my head.
had no choice in the matter, she was destroyed by Argrath's forces. And
unless there's a real language barrier in there, I don't think she
dismembered herself. I remember reading that the draconic forces (Nick's
terminology) did it.

The Red Moon is dead, and Zin's wishful thinking can't make it any less true.


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