Re: Carmanian Dualities

From: Loren Miller (
Date: Mon 05 Feb 1996 - 16:54:05 EET

mr happy <> writes about Carmanian trait pairs in a
Pendragon style:

> Fear/Respect

change to Cruel/Kind and you get closer to what I think.

> Truthful/Deceitful

You're on the mark with what they think these words mean. I am not
certain that these are individual traits though. They might be a
grouping of traits.

And you left out the most important facet of Carmanian personality,
Balance. How do you attain it? Is it a trait pairing, or the
expression of a person whose passions are as close to the halfway
mark as possible, or is it simply high scores in (to use your trait
names) Cruel, Fecund, Generous, Vengeful, and Proud?

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