RQ Con IV in Germany

From: Tschinke (tschinke@nord.de)
Date: Mon 05 Feb 1996 - 19:13:58 EET

Hello Gloranthan fans,

some people asked me on the email about the prices of our IVth RQ Con in
Germany at castle Stahleck. The con takes three days from Friday to Monday.
The price for three days will be 100,- DM (about 40 british pound and 66
US$) and for two days 70,- DM. But it will be better to start on Friday
evening so we will have much more time to chat. The accomodation is better
as in the youth hostel of Brieselang (for everybody which have been there).
The castle is also a youth hostel but is in the west of Germany. That means
much more better comfort.
The next airport to Bacharach is Frankfurt. We will arrange a bus which will
carry our attenders of foreign countries to bacharach.
The main attraction on the VIth RQ Con will be the LARP Rise of Ralios. We
will hope to see a lot of you in Bacharach.
Everybody who wants to be at the VII. RQ-Con on Castle Stahleck please
writes to: Phillipp Kuckuck, Im kleinen Felde 7, D-30982 Pattensen.
For more informations about the 'Rise of Ralios' writes to: Ingo Tschinke,
Schevemoorer Landstr. 33, D-28325 Bremen; tschinke@nordwest.de.

Ingo Tschinke


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