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From: David Dunham (
Date: Mon 05 Feb 1996 - 21:31:56 EET

Andrew Behan wrote

> In his TOTRM article on PDP David Dunham said that he had difficulty
>keeping to timetable using epic-scale.
> I've been running a PDP variant most weeks for almost two months and
>I've only gotten to the second year. The players are wondering when
>there will be a Winter Phase and to be honest so am I! Can anyone help me

At some point, the GM just has to say, "time passes." If you're using
PenDragon Pass merely as a simplified rule system, you could have
experience rolls a month after an adventure. (If you haven't checked the
Web page <> in the last month, I've
added a couple articles, including one with this suggestion.)

I try to keep a lot of stuff more abstract than I would with other game
systems. Yes, this ignores the chance to roleplay out stuff like marriage
negotiations between clans, but it also means the game can progress and we
can have other roleplaying incidents.

BTW, Andrew, how do "Glorantha: The Game" traits differ from Pendragon
traits? (Note: Greg didn't mention this game at all at RQ-Con, at least not
in my hearing.)

Peter Metcalfe answered me

>>I just can't see
>>taking your newborn to a trickster to have its birth signs read.
>How about the Eurmali sneaks in and curses the newborn babe?

Short answer: geases are not curses (at least not those derived from birth
signs). Long answer: I think I have to write an essay on geases

(<> needs more explanation).

Loren Miller responded to Andrew Behan

>you left out the most important facet of Carmanian personality,
>Balance. How do you attain it? Is it a trait pairing, or the
>expression of a person whose passions are as close to the halfway
>mark as possible, or is it simply high scores in (to use your trait
>names) Cruel, Fecund, Generous, Vengeful, and Proud?

Sandy Petersen once suggested to me that the Red Goddess idea of Balance
would be to have all traits at 10. Having high scores in your religion's
virtues means you're virtuous, according to the Orlanthi scheme of things,
and I suspect the Carmanians would do things a bit different. I haven't
been following everything, but perhaps a Carmanian knight would be
interested in Virtue, while a wizard (or Fazikian or Chirurgeon or whatever
term you use) would be interested in Balance.


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