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Neil writes:
> DUCK In the Godtime, some normal ducks were cursed by Yelm with
> intelligence and flightlessness. They are good swimmers and are
> often found in fishing communities. They have been declared outlaw
> by the Lunars.

That curse story is what the ducks say, but we humans don't believe
it. The truth was that a tribe of humans venerated their domestic
fowl instead of their ancestors and were cursed most horribly
it. Believe it or not, a handful of flying humakti ducks slaughtered
an entire company of Lunars. That is why they are now outlawed and
you can collect 50L per duck head from the loonies.

 MOROKANTH A race of intelligent beasts, looking a bit like tapirs,
> that herd beast-men as food animals.

I would mention that they are quite large, at least as big as a
black bear.

> BROO A race of chaos, they spread destruction and pestilence
> wherever they go. The Lunars have put a bounty on broo heads.

AKA the Goatkin.

> ELF Dwellers of forests, they kill anything and anyone venturing
> into their forests without permission. They have little contact
> with the outside world apart from this. A group of elves lives in
> the Garden in the south of the Big Rubble.

They have forgotten that Pavis built his city for elf and human
alike, as the dwarfs have also forgotten that Flintnail was

> PAVIS The god that was Pavis Half-Elven and now is the spirit of the
> city of Pavis.
> FLINTNAIL Half-dwarven friend of Pavis, Flintnail is a god of
> dwarves and stonemasons.

That's all you say about the god of the city and his sidekick? IMO
most pavisites worship Pavis primarily, and Orlanth to a much lesser
degree. Especially since Orlanth worship has been semi-criminalized.
I'd turn down the pro-Orlanthi tone in the rest of the background so
that the players don't reflexively think you expect them to lead a
popular uprising against the Lunar forces. If the city was as rabidly
Orlanthi as this background presents it the city would be constantly
in revolt, and would certainly not need any rebellious Windlords to
spark an uprising.

> Pavic attitudes to Lunars
> "The Lunars have embraced the world-destroying Chaos, and are
> engaged in a battle of annihilation with Orlanth, our god. They
> have invaded our home and defiled our temples. But they are strong,
> and swiftly crush any dissent. On the other hand, they have brought
> some law to the plains of Prax, and their army needs supplies, for
> which they pay generously in silver and jobs."

This sounds ludicrous to me. "The lunars are evil servants of chaos,
but they are too tough to fight, and they buy lots of stuff, so we
just sit here for years and wait to be eaten by the Crimson Bat." See
the problem? I think the popular attitude is vastly less anti-lunar
than the rabid Orlanthi attitude you have expressed here.

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