Eurmal in Ralios

From: Carlson, Pam (
Date: Tue 06 Feb 1996 - 00:51:00 EET

As a player in DD's Ralios campaign, I did a bit of thinking about Trickster

  I think Trickster (whatever his name is there) might be seen as as imp who
saved the world as part of the light bringer quest, but he also does
unpleasant things that are sometimes good for you. Trickster makes your
sheep stray, but then you may discover a hidden encampment of enemy warriors
while looking for them.
  He teaches people to look at the bright side of things. When you're angry
and hurt because the one you love has fallen for another, Trickster puts a
thorn under your foot, to remind you how good you still felt.

Trickster forces you to see the forest through the trees. If things go wrong
for no reason at all, you're not looking hard enough.

>DD>True, though not a single Chaosium source portrays any Trickster as
positive (despite the Firebringer aspect).

In Greg's description of the trevails of Verithurusa/Gerra/ the Red Goddess
at RQDU, when Gerra was in the underworld, suffering unimagineably, bereft
of hope, she met deity. She said "life is suffering", and the deity replied
"but suffering is not life". He then healed Gerra, and went to wake Yelm,
to tell him it was time to return to the world. I think this was Trickster.



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