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Date: Tue 06 Feb 1996 - 01:18:00 EET

David Cake replies to Mikko RE: Uleria in the Yelm Pantheon:

>My interpretation is that the Pelorians revere Uleria and have for a
very long time. The Dara Happans know of the cult, and are forced to
acknowledge it, but the uptight sensibilities of the Yelmites and
Dayzatarians, etc. make them see the cult as morally iniquitous. It is thus
a well known religion, but considered scandalous for noble men to worship,
while beloved of the lower orders and excitable teenagers of a romantic

Here, here, David. Well put. The thing to remember about the Solar
pantheon relative to the Orlanthi pantheon, is that while the Orlanthi
deities are usually one big, happy family, the Solars deities more resemble
the dysfunctional, divided souls featured in the finer soap-operas. While
the Orlanthi deities can usually come to basic agreements about any given
topic, (Chaos bad, Love good) the Solars are bound to have at least two
radically different viewpoints on most any topic. The Solars are a panthon
of extremes and opposites who depend on each other: Yelm-Lodril,
Yelm/Antirius-Shargash, Uleria - Dendara, etc.

The Lunars, with their emphasis on accomodating all viewpoints, got their
start partly within these guys - and were the Solars were the first society
they had to conquer.

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