Lunar Debate

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Date: Tue 06 Feb 1996 - 01:24:18 EET

Brian K. Curley:

>OK... I re-read Nick's treatise on how the Red Moon is still there and
>the Lunars really won at the end of Argrath's Saga. He cites the ritual
>of the utuma, but neglects to notice that the ritual is "voluntary" and
>involves *self*-dismemberment.

'Then the Dragon Emperor of the humans was confronted by an evil spirit
named Utuma who slew him'. KoS p188.

_Voluntary_ _self_-dismemberment?

Interestingly in Questlines p63, they mention that in 1024 ST:

'Fogarth Toothaxe and the Wood Thanes make treaty with the Skyfall
Uz: together they raid the Youf [EWF] and steal the Sacred Ormsword,
spoiling Youf utuma sacrifices'.

And then of course in p172 of KoS:

'Ormsword: This blue-bladed weapon saved Argrath's life more than once.
It is probably the blade he used at the divine utuma sacrifice.'

And in the actual Saga (p38 of KoS) when they prepare to kill the Moon:

'Shakaharzeel then shared with all beings who were present the secret
of the ceremonial utuma'

The sacrifical victim can't be Argrath for he does the deed in 1725 ST
and is not apotheosized until 1733 ST. So the utuma must have been used
on the Red Moon.

>Now claiming that the Red Goddess "voluntarily" allowed the ritual to
>take place is like arguing that I volunteer to let a thief take my
>wallet when he has a gun to my head. She had no choice in the matter,
>she was destroyed by Argrath's forces. And unless there's a real
>language barrier in there, I don't think she dismembered herself. I
>remember reading that the draconic forces (Nick's terminology) did it.

'Them Bloody Romans. All I did was Preach Love! But They didn't like
it and charged me with Sedition. Then in a Show Trial, they found me
guilty and sentenced me to Golgotha. They didn't even allow me to fall
on my sword! Now I'm strung up on this stinking cross and my preachings
will be all for Nothing because I had no say whatsoever in the manner of
my execution. Oh Poop! Bloody Romans.'
                The Gospel According to Brian Curley

- --Peter Metcalfe


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