Lunar Survival

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Date: Tue 06 Feb 1996 - 02:22:00 EET

Brian K. Curley retains his right to be recalcitrant:

>OK... I re-read Nick's treatise on how the Red Moon is still there and
the Lunars really won at the end of Argrath's Saga. He cites the ritual
of the utuma, but neglects to notice that the ritual is "voluntary" and
involves *self*-dismemberment. .....
She had no choice in the matter, she was destroyed by Argrath's forces...
 I don't think she dismembered herself.

Yup - you see clearly the point that the Red Moon was dismembered by dragons
through the actions of Argrath.

But you must look at the appropriate mythic-history to discover the Pattern
and the Truth.

Verithurusa, the White Planet and Daughter of Yelm, followed the Disorderly
entry of Umath into the peaceful and perfect Sky-Dome. While matching his
stride, she inadvertantly dipped below the horizon. There she enountered
the horrors of the underworld, and came up Red. Shaken, she returned to her
position in the North. There she was known as Sedeyna.

Sedenya, an early version of the Red Moon, was worshipped by the people of
Northern Peloria instead of Yelm. Shargash the Destroyer, a son of Yelm,
cast her down and took her to the underworld. There her suffering was so
great that she came to understand the pain of chaos. Then a Deity healed
her, and she came to understand and that chaos, too, could be healed. She
became illuminated - she found her seventh part, which is more than anyone
else had.

Then Sedeyna was resurrected by those with true Love and Peace in their
hearts. She returned even stronger, as Nysalor the Bright. Her empire
encompased many races and lands. She learned from them all. Once again,
she was cast down and slain by Sh'arkat the Destroyer. But the Red Moon was
ressurrected again, with the help of the Seven Mothers; she returned higher
and stronger yet, blessing more hearts than ever with her Light. She grew
in wisdom as her armies conquered more peoples and assimilated more deities.
 Finally, she drove an obscure barbarian to become a living vessel for
Sh'argrath, who once again tore her down from the air and sent her to the
underworld. But because she learned the final secrets Dragons as they tore
her apart, she needed no help for her final return. The Goddess reached
 her final apotheosis and returned as the White Moon, ruler of the Original
Perfect Realm.

>The Red Moon is dead,

Indeed she is. And the White Goddess has stepped from her corpse, as
intended all along. She is now so high and all-encompasing that she blends
with the sky-dome itself. Peace is here. Rejoice!


(Apologies if some of this is a bit garbled - hopefully it will jog some
memories? Mine is imperfect.)


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