Damage Repair Report

From: David Gadbois (gadbois@pavis.cyc.com)
Date: Tue 06 Feb 1996 - 06:31:41 EET

Repairs to the anti-isosynchronous interface bearing between the upper
lower and lower upper physical structure levels have been completed
Earlier efforts had succeeded in replacing the destroyed component but
had failed in correctly achieving the necessary performance
parameters. The replacement bearing was only 25.714 degrees out of
phase and lacked full integration of all frequency regimes. The
recent effort has resulted in a fully out-of-phase bearing and better
response throughout the spectrum, except for the continually
problematic sixth band.

The tuning effort, spear-headed by Working Group Leader Bog-Le 25416
and fully detailed in the current issue of The Nidan Technical
Journal, utilized a number of innovative temporal engineering
techniques. The phase adjustment was accomplished by creative use of
the remaining seven second-order retrotemporal defrobulators, which
were recovered from storage beyond the inner outermost structure
level. Building on the recent experiments in reducing the bandwidth
of interregional switching trunks in the Western sector, nearly
complete frequency integration was accomplished by implementing an
end-to-end encryption scheme on the relevant knowledge context

It is indeed unfortunate that the seven defrobulators had already been
requisitioned by the Committee for Geophysical Recovery. The party
responsible for this oversight, Sub Procurement Officer Dil-Bert
90210, was discovered to be a closet Closehandedist and has since been
reprocessed. We expect that the continental transformation process
can proceed even in the absence of the devices.

Reports that the entropy levels in the context conduits have had a
negative impact on the productivity of secondary organic components
are anecdotal at best and should certainly not be taken as
condemnatory of our methodology. Several experiments in varying the
key replacement rates in the cipher junctions have shown no
statistically significant effect on their meta-economic indicators.

All in all, the repair of the White Moon has been a resounding

- --David Gadbois


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