From: Brian K. Curley (Master of Time & Space) (
Date: Tue 06 Feb 1996 - 07:39:56 EET

Peter: I see the blindness of the Lunars has befallen you as well. How
else can one accept the spurious argument that the Red Goddess was
destroyed by Argrath because she wanted
to be? Nonsense. I know Greg
said he could understand that one *could* reach that conclusion, but he
didn't say one *should*. When we get right down to brass tacks this
entire argument is based on supposition and inference. Not one solid
fact. So my conclusions are no more groundless than the ones reached
Nick. Just because you choose to agree or not to doens't kend either
argument any more creedence.

Pam: Not you too...

It's all so obvious. The Red Goddess is dead. There is no White Moon
as far as anyone can prove. Argrath destroyed the Lunar Empire. Case
closed. Anything else is idle speculation.


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