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David Dunham:

DD>>>I just can't see
>>>taking your newborn to a trickster to have its birth signs read.

Me>>How about the Eurmali sneaks in and curses the newborn babe?

>Short answer: geases are not curses (at least not those derived from
>birth signs).

No but you have said that a Lankoring Seer envisions to determine the
cause of death (ie drowning in the Doskior at the Birth Festival) and
then announces the Geases (ie "never to touch Doskior water during Sea
Season"). The Trickster might curse the child with a specific type of
death. If the parents were kind to the trickster, he might curse their
kid with something with something unlikely to occur leading to relatively
trivial geases or if the parents were nasty, the kid might be cursed with
a common death (ie falling of his chariot) which leads to more burdensome
geases. In any case, the Lankoring Seer gets to find out what the kid has
been cursed with, for it is unlikely that the trickster will be around to
tell them what the kid has been cursed with...

Philippe Krait:

Since Pam has posted a Good Snippet of exactly Greg said, much of
the Wind has been taking out of the sails of Krait's and Curley's

>The [Seven Mothers] were mortals after all (born after time), and could
>not ascend to the God Plane like the Goddess did.

Arkat: Born during the SunStop. Now a God.
Dormal: Born in the 16th century Nochet. Now a God.
Pavis: Born in 6th century Adari. Now a God.
Karmanos: Born in 8th century Pelande. Now a God.

>Yes, what you are saying is that the Goddess deceived everybody, and
>sacrificed all her worshippers and incarnations in order to re-enter
>the God Plane.

She could, y'know, take all her worshippers and incarnations with her
when she, y'know, becomes the White Moon. Or do you believe that when
a Dragon Emperor of Kralorela Passes On, his worshippers don't go with

>Because you can never rebuilt what has been destroyed by Chaos or
>Entropy, all you can do is control those forces as well as possible.
>And this _always_ means that some thing of value, something magical
>must be lost.

Cults of Terror p14 (speaking of the I Fought We Won)

'For instance, Zzabur says that he was able to create a great magical
spell which harnessed the forces of anti-life (entropy) and sparked
off a new reaction of the powers in the world to generate a new

How is this any different from what the Red Goddess claims to do?

One can create Order out of Chaos both in Glorantha, Myth (the Creation)
and in RW Thermodynamics. Just because the Orlanthi say otherwise does
not mean it is true. The Orlanthi do not have a monopoly on Cosmic

All this talk about the Evil of Chaos reeks of narrowmindedness to me.
Are you going to believe that the Malkioni are damned to oblivion for
practicing Sorcery (an Orlanthi belief) and thus it's evil to practice
Malkionism? If not, then why are you so intent on proving the Lunars
are damned for believing that Chaos is Good in a rambling 30K post?

Pam Carlson:

>(Empire has always been a Raibanthi dream - not a particularly Alkothi

Emperor Urvairinus would disagree with you having ruled from Alkoth.
And during the Second Age, the Capital was at Yuthuppa rather than

>Heck, the Shargashi way have decided that the whole empire needed a
>spruce-up, and thrown in with Sh'Arkat....

hmm. With Sh'Arkat and Sh'Argrath, what are we supposed to make of

- --Peter Metcalfe


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